You got questions?  We got answers. Check out FAQ below.  If you still have questions, send us an email support@apoexp.com.

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1. How does it work?  The process is simple. Sign up, enter our Las Vegas address below, and starting shipping your items using our address. We process the package(s) and forwarding them to USPS for delivery to your address.

2. Which plan is right for me?  If you like fast delivery service we suggest our priority service.  If you want to save money with a longer delivery time, we suggest choosing our standard service.  Packages can take up to 30 to 45 days to arrive with economy service.

3. Attempted deliveries?  On occasions, we have packages that arrive after hours.  Don’t worry.  The shipping company will deliver your package the following business day.  We will process the package and arrange it for delivery.  We will send you an email all with all the tracking information and any charges posted to your account.

4. Where do I ship my packages?  You will ship your items to our Las Vegas address.  We will process the package and forward it over to USPS to be delivered to your APO box.  International addresses will be ship by the most cost efficient method.

5. Contact info?  For any inquires or just got a question, please contact us directly at support@apoexp.com

6. What are the physical size and weight limits for APO, FPO, and DPO packages?   For parcels that are over 108 inches girth and over 70 lbs cannot not be shipped USPS.  Please read USPS shipment guidelines. However, packages shipped oversized can be shipped using USPS Retail Ground service  for Zones 1-9, up to 70 lbs, when measuring over 108 inches but not more than 130 inches in combined length and girth can be shipped.

7. What is Girth? Girth is the distance around the thickest part (perpendicular to the length).  Except for USPS Retail Ground and Parcel Select, no mail piece may measure more than 108 inches in length and girth combined.  You can use this girth calculator to easily determine the girth.

To calculate the girth of a package, follow these guidelines:
1. Measure the three parcel dimensions in centimetres.
Example: 40 cm (Length) x 30 cm (Width) x 20 cm (Height).
2. Add the measurements of the two smallest dimensions together. Multiply the result by two. This is the girth of your package.
Example: 30 cm (Width) + 20 cm (Height) = 50 cm. 50 cm x 2 = 100 cm (Girth).
3. Now simply take the longest dimension and add this to the package girth. The result is the combined length and girth of your parcel.
Example: 28 cm (Length) + 80 cm (Girth) = 108 cm (Combined Length and Girth)

8. If we received any Overweight or over-sized packages?  No problem, we will contact you in the event a package arrives to us in one of those conditions.  In most cases, we can repackage the items into smaller boxes or disassemble the items if possible.  An additional charges will apply.

9. What are the USPS shipping restrictions for APO addresses and International destinations? Shipping restrictions vary by destination. Please see view our shipping policy or visit USPS shipping restrictions for more information.

10. Is this site secure for my credit card? Our site is backed by McAfee secure site verification. Every customer has $100,000 in identity theft protection when they buy from our store.

11. Return items?  If you order something and send it to us.  But later you completely changed your mind. We can mail it back to the shipper.  The easiest and cheapest way is to start the return process from your store account and email us the return shipping label. We will send it back. There is a $10 return service fee that we charge per package.

Please note prices are subject to change at anytime. Click on the links to view our shipping policy, privacy policy, or terms & conditions.

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