APO Express Storage Service

APO Express is now offering storage solutions.  Store up to 10 packages at our facility for only $10.00 a month.  Need more space?  Not a problem, we can accommodate any size availability.  Click the “Sign Me Up” link to get started.


Selling on Ebay or Amazon but you can’t ship from your APO address?  We can help.  Moving to a new location but you found a great deal online?  We can help.  Store your packages at our warehouse and we will ship to the destination of your choice.  It’s that easy.  You got questions?  We got answers.  Feel free to contact us 24/ 7 with all your questions or concerns.


Storage Solutions

The price for membership is $10.00 per Month.

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Storage Solutions offers you the option to storage your packages at our Las Vegas location.  It's only $10 a month for up to 10 packages plus we ship to the destination of your choice anytime.  You will be charge for the shipping base on the speed and destination.  Cancel at anytime.  For pricing within the US 48 states please send us an Contact us.  Optional shipping carriers are available for packages been delivered to any US address.  If you already have a shipping account with a particular shipping carriers, we can arrange the pick up from our location.  We will email you the tracking number(s) once the package(s) has been mailed.  The storage fee is charged once a month.  Insurance is optional upon request only.  Oversize and/ or overweight packages may incur additional charges.  Remember there are no hidden or handling fees.

Membership Never Expires.

Additional fees may apply for upon request. Prices are subject to change at anytime.

Package Inspection $5.00
Re-packaging $10.00
Abandoned Package upon request only $5.00
Over-sized / Overweight rates based on size and weight of 70 lbs $10.00 extra per month
Return to Sender upon request only $10.00 plus postage
Special Services Contact us


Please note prices are subject to change at anytime. Click on the links to view our shipping policy, privacy policy, or terms & conditions.

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