APO Express shipping service is part of iRepair Computer Services LLC.  Our service is the number one choice for packages forwarded to  APO, FPO, and DPO addresses around the world.  The service was created for US military personnel and their families, civilians working for US government, and US contractors station on any US military installations around the world.  We understanding why people depend on family and friends to ship their packages.  For your most important packages, it’s better to let the professionals do it for you.

Shipping Process

The shipping process is pretty simple and straight forward. You order it.  We ship it.  You receive it.  It’s just that easy.  Scroll down and follow the steps below to get started.  Our shipping rates are listed on our page and based on your destination zip code.  If you are ordering something that needs special attention?   Please contact us first. We offer optional services like package breakdown and item disassembly in order to meet the USPS weight and size requirements.  Please visit our facebook page for additional information regarding our services.  You can also contact us directly via Facebook messaging service for 24 hour support.

Secure Site

Our site has been certified and tested by McAfee to be free of malware, viruses, phishing attacks, and other things that can harm you and your computer.  Your data is protected 24/ 7.


Choose from one of our great delivery services.  Our services are structured by delivery time and shipping cost.  For the  fastest delivery time, we suggest signing up for our priority service.  All packages will be shipped via USPS priority mail service.  Economy service offers the slowest delivery time, but saves you the most money.  This service is great for individuals on a tight budget who doesn’t mind waiting for packages to arrive up to 30 to 45 days at time.

Our service is prefect for individuals who order items on online that doesn’t ship APO.  Especially hard to find items or essentials you just can’t live without.  Now you can order online and we ship it to your APO.  Signup today and start using the service immediately. Enter our address during the checkout process.

Most retailers offer free shipping when ordering online.  Our shipping service offers a flat fee based on the size and weight of the package.  There are no hidden fees and no disposal fees. The packages are forward to USPS  the next business day.  Your credit card is only charge after the package has been shipped.  If there are any  additional charges like overweight or oversized, we will email you first before charging you.  Please check out our frequently asked questions for more details.

We have the best prices with the lowest shipping rates with the quickest delivery turnaround time in the industry.  Signup for one of our services today for just $1.00 and pay only when we ship your packages to your APO.  Tracking numbers are emailed to you along with the invoice after the package has been shipped.  Please check out our FAQ for more information regarding our process, general shipping information, and helpful hints.  We look forward to shipping your next package.